• Café Exil
    Impartial advice centre for refugees and immigrants
  • Flüchtlingszentrum Hamburg
    Central office for information and counselling for refugees – a non-profit coalition of the Workers’ Welfare Association, the Caritas Association and the German Red Cross
  • verikom
    Non-profit network for intercultural communication and education
  • verikom – Sozialberatung
    Counselling services for immigrants in the integration centres
  • verikom – Ambulante Betreuung
    Outpatient care for people without legal residence status or documents
  • hamburgasyl
    Ecclesiastical support for refugees
  • Diakonie Hamburg
    Ecclesiastical support for people from other countries
  • Fluchtpunkt
    Ecclesiastical aid centre for refugees


  • Queeramnesty Hamburg
    Activist association fighting for human rights within the areas of sexual orientation, gender identity and intersexuality



Without documents


  • Trans*beratung Nord
    Advisory services for trans* people and other people with questions about gender identity


  • AIDS-Hilfe Hamburg
    Self-help association, civic movement and professional counselling organisation regarding HIV and health
    Hamburg co-ordination centre at INCI, European Network for HIV/STI Prevention and Health Promotion among Migrant Sex Workers

Pregnancy, sexuality

  • Familienplanungszentrum
    Advice, assistance and information, medical assistance, training programmes and information sessions on family planning
Without documents

Integration courses

With uncertain residence

  • Flüchtlingszentrum
    Free German courses including study advice, socio-educational support and advice regarding subsequent prospects



  • Alle bleiben
    Subjective listing of queer, lesbian and gay culture
  • Karola
    International meeting place for women and girls to promote intercultural coexistence

Iran/Afghanistan/Latin America





  • NDR
    Aid for refugees in Hamburg

Federal Republic of Germany



  • LSVD
    Lesbian and Gay Federation Germany
  • Ratgeber Asylrecht
    Right to asylum for lesbians and gays
  • Anwält_innen
    Listings of unprejudiced lawyers and notaries devoted to the problems of lesbians and gays
  • Queeramnesty
    Association to end human rights violations on account of sexual identity
  • Quarteera
    Association of Russian-speaking LGBT*s in Germany
  • Intersexuelle Menschen e.V.
    Representation of the common objectives and demands of intersex people in German-speaking countries
  • Mein Geschlecht
    A portal for inter*, transgender and gender queer youth
  • ARD
    Guide for refugees
  • DW
    Germany-wide guide for refugees
  • Queer Refugees
    Multilingual handbook and guide for queer refugees
  • Queer Refugees Welcome
    This website was created with queer migrants to make your arrival and initial time in Germany easier. Here you will find helpful information about: your legal rights in Germany, the German health system, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, and safer sex.
  • Refugees Welcome Information
    Blog with information for refugees and supporters
  • Wefugee. Community without Borders
    Platform for refugees, volunteer supporters and organisations
  • Refugee Guide Online
    Crowdfunding-funded orientation guide by volunteer supporters with useful tips and information for life in Germany
  • Go volunteer
    Cross-linking of people who work in refugees assistance with volunteers who want to help
  • Flüchtlingsrat Berlin
    Coalition of organisations, counselling centres, refugee support groups, initiatives and individuals working for the improvement of the living conditions of refugees and the safeguarding of their human dignity
  • LesMigraS
    Anti-discrimination and anti-violence section of the advice centre for lesbians
  • MILES – Zentrum für Migranten, Lesben, Schwule
    Counselling and assistance for self-help for lesbian and gay immigrants and refugees
  • Gladt e.V.
    Independent self-organisation of LGBTIQ* Black and People of Color and those with a migration history
  • iwspace
    The International Women’s Space Berlin is a feminist, political group organised by immigrant and refugee women in Germany to fight against discriminatory policies and practices that are contrary to the emancipation of refugee women, migrant women and all women
  • Women in Exile
    Action group of refugee women and activists without refugee background in Potsdam/Brandenburg who are committed to bringing refugee policy demands from a feminist perspective to the public
  • Gayhane
    Party in SO36. House of Halay for lesbians and gays. Belly gogos, midnight shows, and homo Oriental Dancefloor
  • Trans*recht
    Group of trans* activists and their supporters, who are fighting against the discrimination of trans* people in law, in medical care and in society
  • RAT&TAT Zentrum für Schwule und Lesben e.V.
    Information for refugees about homosexuality and transidentity in Germany //
    legal advice // getting to know others // coffee, tea & snacks
  • LGBTIG-Refugees Cologne
    Cologne initiative to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, inter* and queer refugees
  • baraka
    Informal meeting place for homosexual and bisexual people with a migration background


  • European Country of Origin Information Network
    Country of origin information system of the Austrian Red Cross: gathers, structures and processes publicly available country information with specific consideration of the needs of asylum lawyers, refugee advisors and authorities ruling on asylum applications and other forms of international protection
    European Network for HIV/STI Prevention and Health Promotion among Migrant Sex Workers
  • Pride Without Borders
    Mutual assistance, exchange of information and campaigns for the rights of LGBT asylum seekers and refugees in the UK
  • Wij Zijn Hier
    Self-organisation of homeless refugees in Amsterdam
  • Die Villa
    Community centre for lesbian, gay and transgender people in Vienna with advisory services relating to asylum, networking opportunities and housing projects
  • Migrantes Transgresorxs
    Self-organisation of immigrants of differing sexual and gender identities; information on LGBTIQ* rights in Spain
    Association demanding the intergration of homosexual, bisexual and transgender immigrants in Catalonia